Sunday 27 March 2016

Breath of Nature Exhibition

I will be exhibiting at the group show 'Breath of Nature' in Boundary Art in Cardiff Bay.

The show runs from the 27th of March until the 1st of May. I will be showing two pieces from my recent Webcam en plein air series. More information as follows:

Breath of Nature
Anniversary Exhibition of Boundary Art
27th March 2016 – 1st May 2016.

3 Sovereign Quay, Havannah Street, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, UK. CF10 5SF.

BOUNDARY ART opened in Cardiff Bay in March 2015 .
We are now celebrating our first anniversary.

BREATH OF NATURE Exhibition explores different forms and mediums that artists use to express what they see and what they feel when as one with nature. We are constantly searching for new forms of expression and attach value to freedom of action and innate or natural ingenuity. To paint from within yourself from the artists inner nature is what we endeavour to bring to you with this exhibition of works by artists  both nationally known and internationally acclaimed.

Hilary Barry // David Bellamy
Ping Gang Cheng // Andrew Crane
Matthew Evans // Andrew Hardwick
Julie Lawrence // Sue Knight
Kerri Pratt  // Jason Rouse // Paul Wearing