Friday 15 August 2014

DayZ en plein air NEW WORK

I have just completed a new batch of en plein air paintings from DayZ.

The pieces have been added to my website where you can view the whole series, but for now here are a few pieces:

I like that a number of scenes from DayZ bring up recurring themes in my own work- watchtowers, checkpoints, petrol stations, water, abandoned buildings. I think I might retire this project for now, seven pieces makes for an interesting body of work.

Also- here is a super work in progress panorama, where you can see a little of the processes involved. With a project like DayZ en plein air I think it is important to understand the physical nature of painting like this.

In addition, a link to my older post on earlier DayZ en plein air work and subsequent exhibition.

Monday 11 August 2014



It's be a very busy month, with a lot of time spent in Ireland and a lot of time spent playing music. I've not really had the chance to get into the studio as much as I've wanted but should have some new work done this week.

In the mean time- here is a few stills from a mini documentary about a good friend & luthier, Martin Gallen. Martin makes gorgeous pipes, and has recently crafted a flat pitch chanter for me out of some 100 year old box wood recovered from the derelict mill in my home town.

Will hopefully get the footage completed this week too, alongside a video I shot in Barcelona back in April.