Saturday 30 August 2008


Further Adventures in the world of Art

Well I should be off to England again tomorrow to prepare for a show in Weston Super Mare next week. It opens in seven days-I can hardly wait.

Hope this one goes as well as my previous exhibitions this year, and it is quite exciting to be exhibiting as a graduate (artist). Still, unemployment really sucks!

Hope Ryanair wont screw me over again, I hate flying with them-they really aren't that cheap and you feel so violated flying with them. WTF-what other airline tries to sell you scratchcards mid-flight? And the constant abuse of the airplane's P.A. to advertise their shitty cheap booze.

Well I'm stuck with them for the time being. Beggars cant be choosers, especially when the price of oil keeps escalating (Zoom airlines, anyone?)

Picture of the day is something I found on eBay and it makes me piss my pants laughing everytime I see it. Enjoy

Tuesday 26 August 2008


The joys of shipping large paintings

Well I finally got my paintings after they had been in shipping for two months. I've just unpacked them and they all are damaged in some way or another. They seem to have been shipped by a group of elephants.

I wouldn't mind but the select few paintings I had salvaged and had paid a ridiculous amount of money to be shipped overseas are going to end up in the skip just like the 90% of my work from the last three years, which I could have done without paying someone to destroy them anyway.

The worst off is Watchtower I (Double Cross), which sadly, was one of my favorites. There is a massive hole kicked through the middle. I'd post a photo but I'm too broken.

That brings me down to having two paintings left- Outpost II (Lighthouse) and Outpost IV (Bridge), which luckily will be exhibited at the Lloyd Gill gallery in Weston Super Mare on the 6th of September. If they don't get damaged in transit. See you there...

Sunday 24 August 2008


And Tomorrow and tomorrow

I have some images of the exhibition in Nottingham curated by Danny Griffin. Photographs are by Dan Ponting (which I have stolen)

Show last until the 30th and is hosted in the Arts Organisation by the railway station. If you are interested in viewing some exciting new work from a variety of artists drop by, as these images online don't do the exhibition justice.

In other news, I have another group exhibition in Weston Super Mare, entitled 'The Future of Contemporary Art' and held in the Lloyd Gill Gallery. The flyer is below with more information and featuring Outpost IV (Bridge) amongst other artist's work.