Thursday 15 January 2009



I have come across a number of scammers in the past, in fact I had a separate email address when I was required to input my details which I used to tease the old email scammers (King of Spain, Prince of Nigeria and so forth...), but recently my interest in Scambaiting has been rekindled upon discovering a number of people who have done it much better than me.

See, I'm sure we have all got an email from someone claiming they will send you a million quid if you only give them your bank details and passwords. For me they usually end up in the junk folder, but there are people who follow them up and tease them with the promise of paying and get them to send all kinds of amazing junk.

My favorite one was when a scammer contacted a guy pretending to own a graphic design business in Africa. Instead of merely deleting the email the victim replied saying he was part of a fine art dealership and could offer him a 30k scholarship based on his work. Long story short he makes the scammer paint two paintings for him (one of his cat and one of a C64 game box).

I think I really like the art as well. Maybe I'll have a go at getting one myself...

Read the full story here. There is also a few more tales on the website, including one ending up with a very crudely made Laurel and Hardy woodcarving.

Sunday 11 January 2009



My new favorite fake website, based on the company from the ever popular comedy series The IT Crowd. Complete with working staff intranet.