Thursday 3 November 2011



Okay, two years ago around this time I contributed to a Vimeo project called Star Wars: Uncut. The idea is to recreate Star Wars Episode IV in fifteen second segments. My scene was a bit of banter with the robots in the desert. I thought Id try and create it in the style of old point and click adventure games like Monkey Island, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, etc. I loved the idea of having the text appear in the colour of the characters, above their heads and a few close ups like in the original Dune game. The font I used was the Deluxe Paint standard, Topaz and the sprites were based on the NES Star Wars game. The background is from the opening sequence of Dune II.

So I stitched it altogether in iMovie and left it at that. My original blog post is here, dated 17th November, 2009. I never expected this to go far or anything, just that it was a cool project to be part of. I filed it away in my bookmarks and only yesterday thought to check up on Casey Pugh and see how his epic was shaping up.

Well the project has really taken off, it seems. The biggest surprise for me was that it has won an Emmy! Im really excited to have been a part of this great event. If you read the New York Times article you can see my small contribution down the left hand side.

The film is now finished and being shown all over the world in various film festivals, etc. You can tune in to it yourself on the official website here

Wednesday 2 November 2011



Going back to the Lighthouse painting here. This one is from the Google Street View Series. I know I've been working on this one for a while but I think I'm happy with this final glaze. Gives it a ton of more depth. The original post of this painting is here. There are loads more colours on the new one, much more detail in the darks and sky, really subtle though. I've also flattened the horizon and taken out the little island by the lighthouse. Cheeky, I know.

There is another new one I'll be working on too. Pictures to come so watch this space.