Thursday 3 June 2010



Some still shots of the piece I have created for the upcoming group show Goram & Vincent in the Centrespace Gallery, Bristol. The show focuses on the Avon Gorge, and in this instance I have used the computer game Worms as my medium. I hope I didn't go too Banksy on this one-ha!

Private View is on Friday night from 6pm, really looking forward to it.

CLIFTON represents a reinvention of the Avon Gorge. The popular multiplayer game Worms has been used to recreate a two-dimensional version of the landscape with reference to level structure, comedy violence and bungee jumping. In this instance the worms are controlled by the computer and use a variety of weaponry to destroy the surrounding landscape.
You can download your own copy of the level to play on your own Worms game on my website.
Bristol Festival of Photography
Centrespace Gallery