Wednesday 24 September 2008


Super Mare

Some images of the exhibition in Weston Super Mare, at the Lloyd Gill Gallery. There are more images of the rest of the work on show on the website.

The paintings are for sale, and if interested please contact the Gallery Director, Lloyd Gill, or the artist, Jason Rouse. The exhibition runs until the first week of October, so still plenty of time to get there and view the rest of the work. Amongst others there are some fantastic pieces by Fred Schimmelschidt, semi-abstract forms referencing areas of science to create unusual and contemporary paintings. Check the website for the rest of them, and it is well worth visiting the show if you can to see them in the gallery space.

Monday 15 September 2008


Weston Super Mare

Its been a good fun time recently with the group show in Weston Super Mare getting quite a lot of media coverage. This has been a great stroking of my ego, especially after the fiasco with London Baggage damaging several of my paintings in transit. More photos of the exhibition coming soon, but first some clippings:

(I'm so chuffed to actually have press clippings)

Sunday 7 September 2008



Some excitement folks! Lots happening recently! Will elaborate in a while but first the excitement will be focussed on a review of the Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow exhibition in Nottingham:

Metro Review

Reviewed for Metro by Wayne Burrows. Have a look its a great read! I'm just happy to have a bit of press coverage as the show wasn't greatly advertised or anything (there were a few flyers in a handful of record shops-it must have worked though). Actually I'm glad its been written about as that means someone was definitely there. Which was questionable.

Pretty harsh review but hey I think I like it.

Website of Wayne Burrows as I figured I'd like to know who be writing about me and on what merit. Guy also writes poems. Good for him-I wish him all the best with it in the future.

In other news I have just found out that I was chosen as one of the top ten student artists by the Saatchi Online Magazine Editor (Rebecca Wilson) along with none other than Al Pritchard, who had show his 'Doom' video at the Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow exhibition.

Just returned from Weston Super Mare from my exhibition at the Lloyd Gill Gallery- More information and photographs to come soon but its really been a great experience and the paintings look fantastic in the gallery. Will post more info at a later date. Seems things are looking up for a change. Watch this space for details from my latest show...