Thursday 14 April 2011



Just and idea I had about playing around with old landscape paintings. Reversing the paintings has completely changed the composition. I like the idea that Sisley could have sat outside with his easel and painted the bridge back to front. We have seen these paintings so many times that it is taken for granted as an accurate depiction. This kind of mind messing is right up my street-the kind of thing I have been doing with my Half-Life paintings.

I guess it ties in kinda with what Glenn Brown was doing by meticulously recreating those Auerbach paintings, but instead making them as flat as possible. Or somewhat similar to Richard Prince when he photographed photographs. I love self referential art. Art about art is the best.

This work probably wont go further than this blog. There is no point in me reproducing these paintings back to front. But as images they are certainly very striking. Perhaps I'll continue on the series with some attempts at other paintings. Self-Portraits seems to be a given. Watch this space.

Prizes for anyone who can name the artists!

Monday 4 April 2011



Some new Google Street View Paintings.

I had the idea to start these a while ago but I am finally getting around to making some progress. Glad to be painting on such a big scale again. The first one is needing a few glazes to get the depth of colour right and the second one is up on my wall at the minute. I have also begun a third. Watch this space!